30 Reasons to Visit Morocco

30 Reasons to Visit Morocco

There are many reasons to visit Morocco : stunning landscapes, amazing food, or wild experiences

1- Hassan II mosque (one of the biggest in the world) is open for tourists !


2- Even if the locals can’t speak your language they will do everything to help you out and probably invite you for lunch 


3- Enjoy your day in traditional clothes : FREEDOM 

a windy day in the south

6- Experience the Moroccan folkloric music


7- You definitely need to add a photo of a Riad to your Instagram feed 

riad prestige

8- The Souss region is pure magic 


7- You won’t know what silence means until you spend a day in the desert

The little prince

9-Try flavors that you didn’t even imagine


10- Palm trees everywhere !

palm trees

11- World renowned spots for surfing (Taghazout, Safi, Imsouane)


12- Each city has its local and specific crafts


13- Try shopping in a souk is funnier and more interesting than doing it in a mall


14- Get lost in the old medina of Fes


15- I’m blue da ba dee da / Chefchaouen

all blue

16- Trek in the Atlas mountains


17- Discover that maybe we are not alone in the universe while spending the night in the desert 

all of the light

18- Camels are really fun


19- Discover the historical parts of Morocco with the different cultures and monuments (Berbers, Almohades…)


20- Visit the amazing kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou.


21- Light, light and again light

let there be light

22- The ruins of Volubilis are amazing 


23- Swim with dolphins in a turquoise sea, kite-surf your way into the sky, and sleep under the stars of Dakhla


24- Go off the beaten path and discover small villages (M’goun Valley, Armed, moulay idriss zerhoun…)


25- It’s always tea time 


26- Try not being sentimental after witnessing the sunrise in Merzouga


27- Charge up your batteries and breathe in the pure (but windy) air of Essaouira


28- Have a better understanding of Islam 


29- Canyons & oasis / Todgha Gorge morocco

30- You can’t be sad in the happy valley (real name) vallée

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21 thoughts on “30 Reasons to Visit Morocco

  1. Beautiful article ! and the thing is; it says just a minimum of what you can experience in Morocco ! once you’re there, all your senses will come to life.

  2. Superbe, ça fait plaisir de voir des gens qui aiment leur pays et qui donnent aux autres l’envie de l’aimer aussi 🙂

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