Debdou the jewish

Debdou the jewish

I was recently invited to discover a small town in north east Morocco called Debdou. I’m still amazed by the historic and cultural heritage of it.Debdou used to be a multi-etchnic town where more than 2000 jews and berbers lived together. The Sephardic community was expelled from Spain and found a new home in Morocco.

« Debdou the jewish » was the name given to the city in the 16th century. With more than 12 synagogues,  it was for many years the intellectual & religious center for jews in north Africa. Families of Cohen-Scali,  Bensoussan, Marciano & Benhamou lived there until mid 20th century.

It is still a famous pilgrimage site as many rabbis are buried in the cemetery

View over the jewish cemetery debdou9

Entrance of the jewish cemetery debdou6

A synagogue debdou3Inside a synagogue debdou4 debdou5

Jewish house debdou8


Typical door debdou7

Kasbah Debdou10


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  1. Wow quelle découverte Merci Ali, j’en ai jamais entendu parlé et tu as bien fait de mettre en avant cette petite ville bien unique qui mérite amplement d’être mise en valeur !!