World Tour Of My Mind

World Tour Of My Mind

It’s been now ages that I wanted to write articles to share my travel experiences, I started one year ago with « Lmachay« , but I have to admit that it wasn’t enough. Moreover, it’s easier for me to mix words in english although my skills in Shakespeare language are clearly not outstanding. Also, It has always been really hard for me to update my blog as I hate to put myself under the spotlight. But here I am, just decided to launch the world tour of my mind posts, and if the following lines can help you take your bag and escape the farthest that you can it will be my biggest set goal.

Instead of just giving you a must do list in each city, I decided to add a spiritual aspect to my writings as I deeply think that we don’t see only with our both eyes, and there are emotions and feelings in all the places where our body stops, where our heart beats.

Before to start, I have to tell you something, you probably won’t find any answer here, I think that the quest is personal, the path and the roads are different for each one of us, you might won’t find interesting what i’m going to recount you, that’s why you need to know what keeps me moving. I like wildlife adventures, with a big A that stands also for adrenaline, I crave the unknown, sports in general are the engine of my body, emotions are the fuel of it and spirituality and my faith are the connexion between everything.

If you are looking for a good club where to party, or a shopping mall where to spend your money, just hit the road. But here, you will have tips for shark diving, or how to survive to an earthquake, a tsunami, and a storm at the same time in a small island in Japan.

This is the world tour of my mind, welcome abroad

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  1. Yes! It is true that each one of us must live out our own personal legends – but sharing your own experiences really does help inspire us to take the first step. Keep writing man, always good hearing from you!