Photography has always been something that I really loved, but with the digital world it started to be harder for me to share feelings and stories that are behind each photo only on a screen, and even during exhibitions there is not that much interaction, so I started to get bored of me just taking photos, saving them in a hard drive, sharing them from time to time on the net.

I also think that we are all connected and it doesn’t even matter if we will never meet physically, there is something that link us all, you can call it god, or mother nature, or butterfly effect, or whatever you want ūüėČ

This is mostly why I’m trying this new experiment called #THEREARENOCOINCIDENCES, I believe that nothing happen just by chance, that the love that we give is never lost and is traveling in the universe until it reaches someone or something, ¬†so I decided to print more than 100 photos from my different travel/work and spread them randomly in London, each photo has a quote or few words that maybe will be destined¬†to the right person at the right moment.

Please if you do find a photo don’t hesitate to contact me, either on this website¬†or on my facebook page¬†or Twitter : @aliberrada.¬†Would love to know who got what and if the photo and the message were on purpose.¬†

You can also share it on social networks with  the hashtag : #THEREARENOCOINCIDENCES

Thank you for being part of this.


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